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A Message from Our Pastor

Supporters Letter

Shiloh Baptist Church

44 Union Avenue

Manasquan, NJ 08736


January 11, 2019

Dear Supporters:

We are writing on behalf of the Shiloh Baptist Church, Manasquan, New Jersey. As the Grant Committee, our Trustee Board has authorized us to submit this letter to our community organizations requesting monetary donations. This donation will be used to renovate the church so that it will satisfy the American Disability Act (ADA) standards.

The church was founded in the early 1900’s when the late Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Morgan, Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith began weekly prayer meetings at their home in Brielle, NJ. Shiloh Baptist Church is an IRS-recognized 501(C)(3) nonprofit faith-based corporation. Our mission is to promote Christian fellowship through outreach in the community, teaching, and sharing a system of faith within the general public.

Additional information and visuals are available on the church website.

In summary, your financial donations will assist Shiloh Baptist Church in remodeling and to bring our church structure up to ADA approved standards.

Thank you for your support in assisting in this project.


Rev. Michael Morgan



Grant Committee Members:

Sharon Harvey

Janice Moon

Jean Thomas

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